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What Is "Unlocking"?

Cell phone unlocking is the process by which a mobile phone can be allowed to work on any carrier/provider network. Customarily, North American cell phones are sold as “locked” phones, meaning that they will only work with one service carrier.

For example, if you purchased a discounted phone from Rogers along with a two year plan, you will not be able to use your phone with another plan from a different service provider — such as Bell Mobility — after your contract ends, because your phone is locked onto the Rogers network.

Why Is My Phone Locked?

Cell phone providers will lock phones to prevent you from using the phone they sold you on any other network. This is to keep them from losing your business. Thankfully, CPM unlock codes allow you to remove this lock and gain access to all providers!

Is Unlocking My Phone Safe & Legal?

Absolutely! Unlocking any device is completely safe and legal. Per the CRTC’s wireless code of conduct rules, anyone has the right to unlock a subsidized phone 90 days after purchase. If you’ve paid the full cost for your phone upfront, you can unlock it immediately. There is absolutely no risk involved when unlocking your device!

Why Would I Want To Unlock My Phone?

Once your mobile device is unlocked you will have the ability to insert almost any carriers SIM card in your device allowing you to use it on other networks. It allows you to travel the world and avoid pesky roaming fees. It also allows you to change your device to different service providers without having to sign lengthy contract terms.

How Long Does It Take To Receive My Unlock Code?

If your devices is eligible to be unlocked we can usually obtain unlock codes instantly; however, there are cases when it may take us up to 72 hours to acquire a code specific to your device.

How Do I Find My IMEI?

Your IMEI code is your phones identifier. It’s what sets it apart from all the other phones like it. You can quickly and easily find your IMEI by dialing *#06# into your phone! Alternatively you can go into your “phone information” in options. You will also find it on the back of your mobile device behind the battery.

What Does "Jailbreak" or "Jailbreaking" Mean?

It’s the process of removing hardware restrictions on devices so that third-party software can be installed that is not approved by primary app store provider.

The term is most typically used with iPhones and other iOS devices, and refers to an unauthorized process that allows the phone to run software not approved by Apple.

What Is A "Hard Reset"?

Also known as a Factory Rest or Master Reset, a Hard Reset is the restoration of a device to the state it was in when it left the factory. All settings, applications and data added by the user are removed. The term is often heard in reference to smart phones and tablets but laptop and desktop computers, as well as most other electronic devices, can usually be restored to factory conditions.

What Is A "Soft Reset"?

A soft reset is a restart of a device. The action closes applications and clears any data in RAM (random access memory). Unsaved data in current use may be lost but data stored on the hard drive, applications and settings are not affected.

Soft resets are usually conducted in an attempt to fix malfunctioning applications or because they’re required for software installation. Soft resets are not the same as a hard reset.

What Is A "Carrier" Or "Provider"?

A mobile carrier provides connectivity services to mobile phone subscribers. Mobile carriers must acquire a radio spectrum license from the governing authority, in order to be able to operate in the region of their choice.

Also Known As: MNO (Mobile Network Operator), CSP (Carrier Service Provider), Wireless Carrier, Cellular Company.

Examples: Good examples of mobile carriers are Bell Mobility, Telus, Rogers, Wind Mobile and so on.

What Does "Brick" or "Bricking" Mean?

Essentially it means a device is rendered inoperable and has turned into a brick. A bricked device won’t power on and function normally and cannot be fixed through normal means.

The common usage of the term, “bricking” suggests that the damage is so serious that the device has been rendered permanently unusable.

For example, if an OS software update to a phone goes wrong, it may leave the phone without a functioning OS, and therefore unable to start up. In this case, the update “bricked” the phone.

What Does "OEM" Mean?

OEM stands for ‘Original Equipment Manufacturer.’ The term, however, is misleading. OEMs are manufacturers who resell another company’s product under their own name and branding.

What Is A "MEID"?

MEID is a replacement for ESN (electronic serial number). MEID began replacing ESN in 2005. ESN numbers are 32-bit, while MEID numbers are 56-bit. A 32-bit ESN means there are only 4 billion unique ESN numbers.

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CPM's 30 Day Warranty*
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Depending on the issue, you may be covered under our 30-day customer satisfaction warranty.

This warranty covers replacement parts for up to 30 days. If you break the device again or there is visible wear and tear to either the device or the part we replaced, it will NOT be covered.

If you change a part with us and are not completely satisfied with it, let us know; we’ll take care of you!

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Cell Phone Medics focuses on repairing broken cell phones. Our knowledge and skill in fixing a variety of problems as well as our dedication to first class service make us the most trusted repair center for your mobile devices.

CPM stocks hundreds of repair parts and can repair your smart phone, tabled or mobile device regardless of where you bought it.

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* If you bring in your device for service repairs, we are not responsible for any data loss incurred attempting to recover the device. We highly recommend, if possible, backing up the device prior to coming in.

** Liquid damage repairs are NOT covered under warranty. After the device leaves our facility, unforeseen damage may still occur as a result of corrosion. If we successfully repair your phone or other device after water damage, we highly recommend you backup your phone immediately in the event corrosion renders your device permanently inoperable.

*** We will gladly service devices that have been repaired at competitor locations, however, we are unable to honor warranty on work that was not completed by CPM.